Mission Statement

“In UNITY, SCBC must live Boldly & be Leaders of God’s Love in our Community”



The Church is called by God to bring His love and hope into the world.

SCBC is a body of Christ followers who not only worship, learn to obey God’s word, and walk alongside one another; but is also a body that is united, a body that lives this faith out together.

It takes a lot of intentionality to move beyond our four walls and learn to love the community that we’re in.  But we’ve been blessed with so much talent, resources, and knowledge. How can we keep it to ourselves?

Do you have the desire to be a catalyst of change?  Are you willing to serve and listen to the needs of the community?

The Outreach Team is here to support you in any way as God leads you in your walk.  We are here to help brainstorm, coordinate, and make visions a reality.

Our focus is to remember that no matter how good an initiative is, it is relationships built that will last.  And no matter how we plan our course, it is God who establishes and directs our steps.