Outreach Team Profile


Andrew Au – Outreach Coordinator

11728807_10103510398699942_6425465694287330939_oI joined SCBC in 2008 and came to Christ April 2011. I always had a passion “to do good”, but never knew why until I met Jesus. I truly believe He has a purpose for me on earth and for now, I would like to harness this passion and serve Him alongside my SCBC Family in our community.

Outside of church, I am a transportation planner, lifetime sports fanatic and a devoted husband to my wife Anne and loving father to my son Caleb!

Don’t be a stranger when you see me around church! I always like a good conversation with likeminded people on outreach ideas.

If you have a passion or talent you want to share with the community, come speak to me!! Email: andrew.a.au@gmail.com


Maxine Yu – Outreach Coordinator


I really love people.
People are all made so unique, yet so alike in many ways.  I love talking, watching, and just trying to understanding them.  My heart goes out to those who are broken and in pain.  It leaps for joy when people realize there is more to life than what we can see with our eyes and think with our minds.  My desire at Outreach is to build connections, to help people see and be the best they’re intended to be.

I really love life.
Life is so incredibly amazing, yet so hard at times.  My hope is for all to one day experience the joy and indescribable peace that I’ve come to know by having Jesus in my life.  My passion in life is to come up with ways to help people experience that.

My idea of a perfect day would involve things like journaling, bbq, sappy love songs, and brainstorming sessions to name a few.  I also have a strange obsession for singing competition shows, hot water, lines, and typography.