Morning Prayer Fellowship – October 2nd, 2016

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Dear SCBC Family,

I delight in simple pleasures, especially this time of year. I love visiting local farms to pick fresh corn, green beans, apples, and the like. I love seeing fresh produce pile sky high and fields covered with orange pumpkins for the picking. I hope you have enjoyed the bounty of the harvest this season, and as we gather around the dinner table this Thanksgiving, may our hearts overflow with praise and thankfulness for the abundant blessings God has showered upon us!

Please be in prayer for the following:

  • SCBC Children & Youth Ministries – We give thanks for all our children, youth leaders, and Pastors. We pray the Lord would work mightily through our various initiatives such as GLO (Love God, Love Life, Love Others), Youth Group and T4C (Teens 4 Christ), and K2K (Kidz 2 Knights). We pray the study of God’s truth will foster growth and development of authentic friendships and authentic faith. We pray for peer mentoring. We pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to nurture and to guide these young hearts and minds to grasp the truth of how deep and wide is the love of Christ for them. We pray they will grow to maturity in Christ and bear fruit for Him!
  • AL Youssef Family – We give thanks for our sponsored family. We continue to pray the Lord would guide and strengthen our team to meet their needs. We trust the Lord would generously provide all the resources needed to care for this family. We pray for wisdom and grace to understand and respect cultural differences in communication and lifestyle. We pray the Al Youssef family will settle and adjust well to their new home. We pray they will connect with other Syrian families and find a sense of community. We pray the Lord would watch over them and bless them.
  • Women’s Retreat – We pray for SCBC ladies to be refreshed and replenished. We pray for safe travel to and from the retreat. We pray for good learning and encouraging fellowship. We give thanks for the Women’s Retreat Team for their loving service in organizing this event.
  • Missionaries – We remember the missionaries in our communities and abroad. We give thanks for their faithfulness in serving the Lord. We pray the Lord would continue to uphold them and provide for all their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We pray the Lord would continue to strengthen, sustain, and encourage them through His Word and His people. May they experience His Presence each and every day.
  • US Presidential Election – We pray for our neighbour and their upcoming Presidential Election. We pray for wisdom for the citizens of the United States. We pray for an end to racial violence. We pray for restoration of peace and grace.

I look forward to a time of prayer and fellowship together this Sunday, 8:30 am in the SCBC Community Room.

Susan C.