Spring-Summer Classes

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Note: Classroom assignments may be adjusted based on attendance

Those Who Live By Faith…

(Community Rm. 170)

Teachers: Ken Lau, Christine Lee, Gary Tong, Philip Yeung, Wilson Sun

Throughout history, God has raised many men and women of faith. Some have contributed immensely to the understanding and practice of the Protestant belief and others exemplify what it means to live vibrantly as a follower of Christ. In this course, we will study a number of these giants of faith from the late medieval time to the present. They have witnessed powerfully as light and salt in our ever changing world. COME…let the lives of those who have walked among us lift us up and inspire us as we hear their stories.

Does Faith Make Sense?

(Rm 162)

Teachers: Pastor Jonathan Nip, Rev. Scott Bissell

Some would say yes, some would say no, both are welcome in this class.  Join us as we explore…

Why does anyone need religion anyways?
Does hell even make sense?
Is inner peace possible?
Who gets to decide who I’m allowed to be?
Why can’t I just live the way I want?

And much much more…

Invite a friend, a skeptic and come & learn yourself. Engage in the discussion!