Spring-Summer Classes

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Note: Classroom assignments may be adjusted based on attendance

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

(Community Rm. 170)

Teachers: Rev. Scott Bissell, Deacon Sam Chan

This is a 5 weeks class on spiritual gifts which are “A God empowered strength or focus in our lives for the building up of the church”. We will do a survey week one, and then learn about gifts of: proclamation, heart, action & inspiration. This is a practical class to help you figure out how to identify and use your specific gifts to glorify God.

For weekly class notes, download material here.

Introduction to the Christian Life

(Rm 162)

Teachers: English Ministry Pastors, Deacons, and Leaders

Looking to grow in understanding our faith and what it means to follow Jesus? This is an exciting opportunity to explore what it means to live our new life in Christ. This course will be for both youth and adults, as well as a PREREQUISITE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING BAPTISM.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Jon.