Fall-Winter Classes

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Note: Classroom assignments may be adjusted based on attendance

Classes begin on Sunday, September 9, 2018 unless otherwise specified.

Incomplete: More Than Belief

(Rm. 162)

Teachers: Rev. Scott Bissell, Peter Yien

What does it mean to have real faith? What does it take to move beyond ideas to something practical? If you are trying to figure what Christian faith is or just feel the need to dig deeper, come and explore.

Topics we will be covering include:

What is real faith? How does faith connect life? Where is wisdom found? Can God be heard? What is the practical outworking of faith?

Introduction to Christian Life

(Rm B50)

Teachers: Rev. Tom Cullen, Pastor Jonathan Nip

Looking to grow in understanding our faith and what it means to follow Jesus? We will be offering an exciting opportunity to explore what it means to live our new life in Christ. This course will be for both youth and adults, as well as a PREREQUISITE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING BAPTISM.

It will be co-led by the English ministry pastors, along with special guests!

Fundamentals of Faith – A Discipleship Journey

(Rm 161)

Teachers: Ben & Esther Leung Tou

We will journey through 13 lessons to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ – of seeking, study, and discovery. These next 13 weeks will be an intentional and strategic process of seeking a deeper and more meaningful Christian experience. The lessons blend basic Biblical truths with personal obedience and service – with topics ranging from the character of God to church participation. It will involve thought, prayer, study, sharing of life experiences and most importantly, a dedication and desire to know God better. He promises, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13, NIV). So how do we claim this promise? What does it mean to seek God with all our hearts and to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? That’s what we’re here to discover. Will you dedicate 60 minutes each Sunday to prayer and bible study that continues throughout the week? Every participant will receive a personal workbook/ journal. Treat this class as a “Booster Juice” for your walk with Jesus! Join us in this small group journey to deepen your faith – wherever you are. This class is ideal for young adults but all are welcome.

*** NOTE: this class will begin on September 16, 2018 ****

The Unhindered Work of the Holy Spirit

(Rm 160)

Teachers: Deacon Sam Chan, Vivien Gam, Kenneth Lau, Gary Tong

The book of Acts provides a bridge for the writings of the New Testament.  As a second volume to Luke’s Gospel it joins what Jesus “began to do and to teach” (1:1) as told in the Gospel with what He continued to do and teach through the apostles’

preaching and the establishment of the church.  Believers are to continue this work with the words of Jesus: “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8).  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel went unhindered (In Greek, it is akolutos, meaning “unhindered”), and nothing would keep the church from fulfilling its divine purpose, as Luke re – assures us at the end of Acts. Luke has assembled a grand mosaic using facts like colored bits of broken pottery to display the work of God as He carries out His plan to redeem and transform the world.  Through the Acts of the Apostles, we will review how the Holy Spirit was doing His work in the transformation of the infant Church.  We will also be taking Acts as a pivotal book in understanding how it would fit God’s grand scheme of redemptive history.  Acts documents the launch of the new covenant (Jer. 31:31-34) and traces the new covenant community’s phenomenal growth in the first three decades after Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The church has become God’s instrument for stewarding the new covenant guided by the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom Literature Series – Ecclesiastes

(Rm 170)

Teachers: Melodie Bissell, Deacon Thomas Choy

The word “Ecclesiastes” in Hebrew is Qoheleth which means: the preacher, the teacher or an official speaker who calls together an assembly.  In Greek the word for “assembly” is ekklesia, the New Testament word for the church.  Solomon is considered the author of Ecclesiastes.  What message can we take from Ecclesiastes for the church today?  In this third series in wisdom literature we will examine why King Solomon, known for his wisdom says that “all is vanity” under the sun, and finishes the book with a call to only fear God and obey Him.  Topics we will examine on what we strive for include wisdom and folly, work and play, justice and injustice, living and dying, friendships and foes, joy and sadness, pressing forward and rest.

Lead Where You Are

(Rm 164)

Facilitators: Warren & Winnie Chant

This is the first in a series of course offerings under the main theme of “Lead Where You Are” that aims at better equipping us for our life journey by examining Biblical principles and practices in leading. Although this course will benefit current and emerging leaders in sharpening their leadership skills both at work and in the church, it is also designed for all those who want to live a productive and effective Christian life at home, at work, and at the church. Everyone of us is a leader as we continue to influence others in our lives. We lead in our everyday lives when we apply Biblical principles in our relationships and in managing challenges. This class is for everyone, whether one is in a leadership position or not, who wishes to build up our characters and life skills. Characters, such as humility, integrity, transparency, empathy, are qualities that every person should develop if s/he wants to reflect God’s character in this world. This class will emphasize on practical applications in operationalizing Biblical concepts in our everyday lives. After being inspired and challenged by videos featuring top-notch speakers, we will be engaged in facilitated discussions for knowledge exchange and building mutual support among the participants, with the intention to building a community of brothers and sisters who value influencing others positively.