Faith in everyday life


Join us for a special event in partnership with Regent College: To Know the World and Still Love the World.  

Jeff Greenman, President of Regent College, and Steven Garber, Marketplace Theology Professor, will speak about faith in everyday life.  ALL are welcome.

The event will be held in the SCBC Chapel, Feb 3rd, 9–2pm.  FREE event with $10 Lunch.  Childcare provided.




(subject to change)

9:00 am – Welcome and Introductions

9:10 am – Jeff Greenman – Living Faithfully in a Fearful World

  • Purpose: setting the context, naming the issues in our culture, establishing a need in the audience

10:00 am – Reflection and Discussion

  • Personal Reflection and Table Group Discussion

10:15 – Q&A with Jeff 

10:30 – Break

10:40 – Steve Garber – Loving the World: Vocation as Integral to Discipleship and Mission or The Integral Place of Vocation in Faithful Living

  • Purpose: to understand that is essential to situate ourselves within the larger framing story of scripture.

11:30 – Reflection and Discussion

  • Personal Reflection and Table Group Discussion

11:45 – Q and A with Steve

Noon – Lunch

12:45 – Group Discussion (Facilitated by Jeff or Steve)

  • Potential questions:
    • How do we adjust our communal/ church practices so that we are challenging one another to be formed by the Gospel Story?
    • Connect to the mission of ReFrame – A tool that gives participants the overarching narrative of scripture, and invites them to say, what is my part in this story?

1:15pm – Closing Words / Blessing

  • Those who want to stay on to learn more specifically about ReFrame can stay, others can go and continue to chat outside the room

1:30- 2:15pm – ReFrame in your Context (Rebecca)

  1. Brief “Why ReFrame?” – Connecting to Jeff and Steve’s talks, give brief history
  2. What– 10 minute Video Flyover of the structure
  3. How are churches/ groups using it?
    1. Interview Local Pastor who has used it
    2. Q and A