30th Anniversary Celebration

We will be celebrating 30 years of God’s blessings this October as a church family.

Join in on the special events and worship services October 14th and 15th.

Save the dates….mark your calendars


G U E S T   S P E A K E R


Dr. Clement Tong is the Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and the Director of Chinese Ministries at the Carey Theological College in Vancouver, and he also teaches New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is a certified translator in Canada, and serves as a national translation certification examiner. Clement is the president and co-founder of Grace Melodia, a Chinese Christian music ministry that is established in 1999, which currently has teams in six cities worldwide, Toronto included.


S P E C I A L   E X H I B I T

October 1 to 15 |  Fellowship Court
Though it has been almost a hundred years since its introduction, the Chinese Union Version has remained the most-in-use Chinese Bible translation among Protestant Christians. Yet, very few believers are familiar with its history of compilation, and equally few are aware of the big influence its translation style and choices have on the Chinese readers’ reception and interpretation of the Bible. This exhibition walks the viewers through the first centenary of Chinese Bible translation activities of Protestant missionaries and translators. The emphasis is on the process of the development of Chinese Biblical diction and language, which will help us appreciate the strength and limitation of the Chinese translation we are using. The exhibition will showcase scans of some of the most rarely seen Chinese Bible manuscripts available, including the first ever Biblical book translated into Chinese by a Protestant translator.


S A T U R D A Y  ,   O C T O B E R  1 4

10:00 am – 11:30 am  |  Public Lecture  |  Chapel
Dr. Clement Tong
“From Lassar to the Union Version: the First Centenary of the Protestant Chinese Bible”
Worship led by Toronto Grace Melodia

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm  |  Ordination Service  |  Sanctuary
Deacons Ordination Service
(refreshments to follow)

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm  |  Workshop Series  |  Sanctuary
Dr. Clement Tong
5:00 pm     English – “The Macedonian Call – Rise of the Modern-Day Hellenists”
6:00 pm     Cantonese -「華人信徒如何在北美多元文化中實踐信仰」
7:00 pm     Light Dinner
8:00 pm     Mandarin 「禾場的契機與危機 – 華人宣教新視野」

Child care from JK to Grade 6 will be available during the 3 workshops.
Registration through KidCheck by September 30.  (K2K will be cancelled on Oct 14)


S U N D A Y  ,  O C T O B E R  1 5

9:30 am     Worship in English (children’s worship included)
Be a Blessing to All Peoples  |  Dr. Clement Tong

10:40 am    Special Celebration | Sanctuary
ALL brothers and sisters are invited to join the special celebration with hymns, prayer, and cake cutting ceremony.
Cake will be served at 11:15 am and 12:45 pm in the Fellowship Court.

11:15 am      Worship in Cantonese and Mandarin
Be a Blessing to All Peoples | Dr. Clement Tong

11:15 am      Children’s Special Celebration Program (B10)
Blessed and Called to Bless | Pastor Amy Yu

Shuttle bus from RONA on Midland Avenue to SCBC will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Please consider using this special parking arrangement to alleviate parking congestion on church premises.


6:00 pm         30th Anniversary Celebration Banquet
Casa Deluz Banquet Hall
Woodside Square, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough

Group tickets are available through fellowships or small groups.
Public ticket selling starts on September 3, after each worship services in the Fellowship Court.

$40 per ticket (all ages)

Seating is very limited this year; tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.
Details of the dinner menu is available at the ticket selling booth.
For further information, please contact Bertram Mak at (416)399-8098.