Monthly Archives: July 2015

AWANA Club Registration

Awana Club Registration Registration for the 2015-16 club year will be taking place on Sunday August 2, 9 & 16 from 10:45-11:15am & 12:30-1:00pm at the Fellowship Court.

AWANA Staff Recruitment

Join us in experiencing God’s love through nurturing God’s children Awana is recruiting Adult and Youth volunteers with a passion for children to serve in the Awana 2015-16 club year. Application forms are available and will be accepted in the Fellowship Court on Sunday August 2, 9, & 16 from 10:45-11:15am & 12:30-1:00pm or drop…

Pathways – Two missions

I usually take this space to write a devotional that reflects the up-coming sermon. But this week I would like to call us to prayer for two important ministries in our midst, Summer Fun and our Short Term Mission Team. Summer Fun: For the last three weeks our staff and volunteers have been working hard…

Pathways – Why I believe the Gospels are true

In 2003 Dan Brown wrote a book that became a huge best seller called, The Da Vinci Code. It is a fictional novel filled with intrigue, mystery and suspense. But alongside the detective story Dan Brown filled his book with all sorts of false statements about the Christian faith which many people believed were facts….

Safe Families Canada

Learn more about Safe Families Canada on Sun Aug 2 at 11 AM in the Community Room. Safe Families Canada (SFC) offers care for their children in the home of a loving, volunteer Christian Host Family while the parent(s) sorts out their crisis. Other volunteers come alongside to informally support the family and help them…

#QuarterlifeCrisis – Rethink Career Series 2

Does Christ or our faith matter if you are engineer, artist or accountant? Does God wants us to use our career to contribute to His kingdom and the society to make them better? If God wants to see us to serve Him through our work, bring support to our “family” and share resource to our…

Pathways – Why I believe in missions

There are many people who don’t believe that the church should be involved in missions. People outside the church often see missionaries as shallow imperialists who impose their culture on unwitting natives. People inside the church sometimes see the mission enterprise as a costly endeavour that diverts resources from the real need here at home….

Pathways – The heavens declare the glory of God

Ever since we moved out of the city we have been blessed with great views of the sky. At dusk the horizon is coloured with brilliant splashes of pink, red and orange. Every sunset is different, but every one is spectacular. Then after the sun goes down the sky is lit with a million little…